The AEAC.SV (Spanish Association for Conservation Agriculture Living Soils) is a non-profit association that was founded in 1995. It has around 1600 members, mainly farmers and technicians but also scientists and staff of public administration bodies. One of the goals of the AEAC.SV is to promote information for farmers, agricultural technicians and society in general on Conservation Agriculture (CA) and promote the development, education and research of all aspects of CA.

The entity, the governing board of which consists of university graduates, public research bodies and recognised professionals, has qualified staff with extensive experience in the successful execution of projects. In its 20 years of life, the Association has led more than 30 R+D+i projects and actions financed by public bodies, including the Life 96ENV/E/338 and 99ENV/E/308 and 08ENV/E/000129 projects, the latter having won the award for the best project to combat climate change, awarded annually by the Regional Government of Andalusia, at the 2012 edition of the Andalusian Environment Awards.

In the Spanish agricultural context, the AEAC.SV is an entity that is recognised both by Public Administration Bodies and farmers and businesses. Since its creation, it has been characterised by its investment in actions that are useful and beneficial to the agriculture industry and respectful of the environment with the participation of more than 12,000 farmers and technicians. The technological development of the internet has made the website a reference website for conservation agriculture in Spanish, with more than 200,000 pages viewed per year.

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