The Life Programme is the European Union's only financial instrument dedicated exclusively to the environment and climate. Its general goal is to contribute to the application, updating and development of community policy and legislation on the subject of the environment and climate change, including the integration of the environment with other policies, in order to contribute to sustainable development.

The Life programme started in 1992 and has been developed in four phases to date: Life I (1992-1995), LifeII (1996-1999), Life (2000-2006) and Life+ (2007-2013). During this period, Life has co-financed around 4,171 projects, contributing to environmental and climate protection with approximately €3.4 billion Euros. The Life programme is currently in its fifth phase, which started in the year 2014 and will run until the year 2020 with a budget of 3.4 billion Euros.

The Life+ ClimAgri project forms part of the Life+ Programme (2007-2013), which has three components:

  • Life+ Nature and Biodiversity.
  • Life+ Environmental Policy and Government.
  • Life+ Information and Communication.

The Life instrument is managed by the European Commission through the Directorate General for the Environment and the Directorate General for Climate Action, the National Authority in the Spanish State being the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

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