The farm "La Vega de Coria" is located 34 km from the town of Coria, in the province of Seville, in the region of Andalusia. It has an extension of 59.5 ha, with plots of wheat, sunflower and cotton crops.

The predominant soils on the farm have a loamy texture, with an average organic matter content of 1.93%. The slopes are not steep, rarely exceeding 1% of unevenness.

The most relevant Best Management Practices used on this the farm are those related to groundcovers and the minimum alteration of the soil, while no-tillage is used in the cereal crops. The maintenance of green stripes in the drainage areas as a measure of biodiversity is striking.


Best Management Practices

Use of permanent soil cover
Use of minimum soil disturbance practices
Perform suitable crop rotation/diversification
Optimisation in the use of agrochemicals
Appropriate management of agrochemical products
Use of advanced technology (decision-making aid systems, precision agriculture, fleet management, etc.)
Implementation of multifunctional margins and retention structures
Measures for the promotion of biodiversity