The farm "Evaggelopoulos" is located 33 km from the town of Volos, in the Thessaly region. It has an extension of 20 ha with a wide range of crops, among which are cotton, corn, wheat, chickpeas, beans and olives.

The soil is loam-clay-sandy with an average organic matter content of 2.2% and slopes of 1%.

In this farm, the application of Best Management Practices, which have been the basis of no-tillage for last three seasons, is highlighted, as evidenced by the fact that a ground cover has been maintained and the ground has not been altered mechanically. Crop rotations are a common practice in those plots where corn is not planted. In recent years, the practice regarding the optimization of agrochemicals has increased significantly.


Best Management Practices

Perform suitable crop rotation/diversification
Appropriate management of agrochemical products