The farm "El Lirón" is located 7.5 km from the town of Lebrija, in the province of Seville, in the region of Andalusia. It has an extension of 404 ha, with plots of cereal crops (wheat, barley) sunflower and beans.

The predominant soil in the farm is of clay texture, with an average content of 1.7% and 2% organic matter in the first 20 cm of the soil. The slopes are low, with an average value ranging between 1.3% and 2.5%.

This farm stands out because of the great number of Best Management Practices used on its plots. Thus, related to the practice of biodiversity, green strips stand out in some areas, in addition to the presence of scattered arboreal vegetation on the farm. On the other hand, there are multifunctional field margins on the farm. Regarding the crop management, crop rotation systems have been carried out on this farm for years. In addition, the operations are carried out with automatic guidance systems. No-tillage has been implemented in some of the plots during the project.


Best Management Practices

Use of permanent soil cover
Use of minimum soil disturbance practices
Perform suitable crop rotation/diversification
Optimisation in the use of agrochemicals
Appropriate management of agrochemical products
Use of advanced technology (decision-making aid systems, precision agriculture, fleet management, etc.)
Implementation of multifunctional margins and retention structures
Measures for the promotion of biodiversity