The farm "Cascina Casoni" is located 7 km from the town of Lodi, near Milan, in the Lombardy region. It has a total extension of 1,364 ha, with plots of wheat, sunflower, alfalfa and corn crops.

The soil texture of this farm is loamy, and it has around 1.25% organic matter. The conservation practice of strip till has been carried out in this farm during several seasons.

Thanks to it, the soil is only mechanically altered in the sowing row, without disturbing the rows between crops. This helps the mentioned rows to remain covered with plant residues throughout the season.


Best Management Practices

Use of permanent soil cover
Use of minimum soil disturbance practices
Perform suitable crop rotation/diversification
Appropriate management of agrochemical products
Use of advanced technology (decision-making aid systems, precision agriculture, fleet management, etc.)